The Butch Smith We Would Like To Know: An Intimate Profile of An Underdog Candidate

William “Butch” Smith

William R. Smith is 61-years-old. Unlike most political candidates, he has no history of small-town politics, he doesn’t even have a college degree, but what he does have is a great memory for detail and a passion for the United States and it’s people. As a long distance truck driver for Prestige, he doesn’t have much free time.  He is often on the road six days a week, and spends his day off at his home in Waverley, Ohio where his lives with his mother and two cats.

He has an ecclectic mind, during our interview we jumped from topic to topic, flitting between healthcare, stories of past employers, to movies that he likes, before finally settling back on healthcare.  William, or Butch, as he is more commonly known as, is obsessed with healthcare, an obsession that stemmed from getting swindled by a health insurance company while his father was ill, a time that he does not like to discuss.

As he sits back in his chocolate brown leather easy-chair, chain-smoking Dean’s Cigars, Butch says, “I want to represent the people, not the party.”  Most of his answers to my questions are stuffed with pregnant pauses and punctuated with deep coughs, but at this point in our conversation, he sits forward, and his answers are unhindered, excited to talk about why he thinks he should have been elected.  “Yes, I think I would have done a lot of good if I had been elected.”  He discusses tax raises for the wealthy because the middle class can’t afford it, Roe v. Wade, and, as always, healthcare.

Though he lives far away from the candidates involved in this election, David Krikorian and Brad Wenstrup, he says that he knows that everybody thinks he’s just some rambling man.  He uses theses opinions to his advantage calling himself, “A rambling man for the rambling issues.”

After grilling me on my political knowledge, giving me his views of abortion (something that needs to be handled at state level), and a brief interruption by his mother, a sweet lady who so far has spent this time sitting at a kitchen table playing Suduko, who offers us sweet tea, Butch begins to wind down our conversation.  As I’m preparing to leave, he looks over at me, one of the few times that his watery eyes meet mine, and tapping out another cigar says something that makes me think he really could have done great things in Congress, “Get out of the academic and into the educational (world).”

A Butch Quick Fix Fact Find:

Full Name: William R. Smith

Age: 61

Residence: Pike County, Ohio

Healthcare: Healthcare should be provided for the uninsured and it should be made affordable to everyone

Energy: Wants to explore renewable energy options, America needs to compete with foreign oil companies and look into                       other options

Taxes: The wealthy should be taxed more, the middle class is taking too much of the burden already

Inflation: An evil demon that needs to be controlled

Immigration: Need to better enforce immigration laws which would then lower a lot of crime and the exploitation of illegal employees

Privatization: Against the privatization of schools, roads, prison, and law enforcement



Thanks to Smith’s facebook page for the photo!


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