The Biggest Individual Donor

People donate a crazy amount of money to these super PACs. In this election, the 1,122 reported super PACs have spent more than $680 million to influence the presidential and the congressional campaigns. The total money raised was $662 million.

The CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson, is the biggest contributor in the super PAC race. He is ranked as No. 12 of the richest people in America. He donated $10 million to Restore our Future through each of his two companies, Las Vegas Sands and the Adelson Drug Clinic. In overall spending, he has donated more than $41.2 million to Republican super PACs.

It is almost impossible to understand how much money $680 million really is, and how much money a single person can actually donate. There are a lot of other ways the money could be used for. More than 19,000 children die everyday from malnutrition, unsafe drinking water and lack of affordable vaccine. According to UNICEF, it only takes $1 to supply a child with 40 days of clean water. It only takes 13 cents to vaccinate a child against polio, and it only takes 23 cents to vaccinate a child against measles. It is pretty interesting to see how money is used.



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