Create your own Super PAC!

Want to jump on to one of the hottest trends in America right now?

Create your very own Super PAC! Join the ranks of “Ben Is Not My Friend,” “Hitch A Wang Bang Noodle 911 Night Long,” and “Slam Dunks, Fireworks, and Eagles Super PAC,” as well as the more well known “Restore Our Future” and “Priorities USA Action” Super PACs.

Step 1: Pick someone or something to support

-Most people choose a person, but you can pick whatever (See above picture)

Step 2: Pick a name

-There are no restrictions on this step, you can choose to name your super PAC whatever you would like

Step 3: File the official paperwork

-This is the most important step. You need to file a Statement of Organization form (which can be found here).  You will also need to include this paragraph to let them know that you want be a Super PAC

“This committee intends to make unlimited independent expenditures, and consistent with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit decision in SpeechNow v. FEC, it therefore intends to raise funds in unlimited amounts. This committee will not use those funds to make contributions, whether direct, in-kind, or via coordinated communications, to federal candidates or committees.”

Step 4: Go out and raise some money

-Go out and schmooze with the big-wigs, stand outside of a super market, or empty your piggy bank.  Do whatever appeals the most to you!

A special thanks to the U.S. Politics section at for helping me explain this process! For more information click here


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